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NON SOLUM NOBIS, Conte Niccolò Lodron, 1596
Not only for ourselves – the motto indicates an ideal of unselfishness, that we should contribute to the bigger whole. We would like to join in:

Wine brings people together. 

Cheers! Pipo & Olivia Volpini de Maestri


From the work in the vineyard to the bottling - the expertise and enthusiasm of all those who collaborate with us make it possible to produce wine with high potential.

Our wine family also includes the following persons 

A good wine has it's origins in the vineyard. Here Matteo and Davide, as well as vine plant expert Alexander Morandell lay the foundation of the precious result.

The oenologist Walter Schullian is the keyfigure after the harvest. His long-term knowledge literally flows into the wine barrels. He works with a love for detail and a profound expertise.

And there are many more working throughout the year in the vineyard: Gabriele, Luca, Federico, Michael, Dilwar, another Luca…


Liliana is unstoppable, she is always there where hands are needed. Good humor and a warm smile included.
As a daughter of south Italian parents she grew up near Augsburg, Baveria. No wonder she switches so easily between the two languages. She is also there for direct sales.

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