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An Adventure of Winemaking and More!

Wine making is an adventurous journey, join us!


We start our tour with a walk through the vineyard to the ancient tower overlooking the estate, having the first sip of our Flaminia Rosato. Here you will get explanations about grapes, current work being done and our philosophy of winemaking.


Next we look into the fermentation (cellar), where the magic of winemaking initiates. It's a beautiful space with huge wooden barrels.


Next we enter the Palazzo, we give you a brief overview of the history of our family and the main rooms and the chapel.


You are going to have a look in the deep ancient cellar with the barrique barrels where the maturing of our best wine takes place.


You will taste all of our three wines: a Rosé and two red, all Bordeaux blend.


You and your friends and your family will have an amazing time here.


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