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Nogaredo is situated in the outstanding wine region Vallagarina. Set on the right side of the river Adige, 220 meters above sea level on a perfect sunny hillside.

About seven acres of vineyard with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and a few rows of Carménère - surrounded by old stone walls, olive trees and lavender.

For us it is all about the quality of the wine. It starts in the vineyard, where we work with a carful consideration of nature. It is important to us to preserve and nurture the "immune system" of the vineyard. One way we do this, is to specifically introduce plants like clover, vetch or false flax that bring benefits to the ecosystem: soil erosion is reduced and biodiversity is stimulated. An added advantage is, that the flower blossom makes the vineyard colorful and is beneficial to bees and other useful animals.

We totally avoid herbicides. Weed control is done mechanically and the cut grass and vines are being mulched. As a result we rarely use fertilizer and if we really need to, we only use organic fertilizer.

The removal of vine leaves speeds drying after the rain and reduces the develepment of fungi and bacteria. This in turn reduces the need to use plant protection products.

In July during the "Vendemmia Verde", or green harvest, shoots, grapes and leaves are cut from the vine. To achieve quality over quantity. 

Tending to the vines this way is hugely time consuming and involves a lot of manual work. 

However the size of the vineyard makes it possible to care for each and every plant throughout the year.



The harvest takes place at the latest possible moment, from the end of September until the end of October. Depending on the grape.


Matteo, Davide and their team, supported by our family and friends, harvest by hand.


Unripe and bad grapes are removed in the vineyard and then again manually sorted before crushing.



We are now in the upper cellar, right next to the vineyard, where the must is pumped into large barrels. 
The grapes are not pressed, the delicate dripping of the juice prevents bitter substances. The fermentation begins immediately and a few days later we continue in the deep cellar. 


A marble staircase leads to two floors below the Palace. Here is the origin of the building, massive walls testify to a castle past that dates back to the Middle Ages. 

Best French oak barrels are used, from fermentation to ageing in barriques. 

Here our wine finds an ideal atmosphere to mature.

And time.

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