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Vintage 2018

Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot

Wine growing region: Nogaredo in the Lagarina Valley (southern part of the Adige Valley), Trentino. 220 meters above sea level.


Vinification: The grapes are picked by hand so that only the best are chosen. There is also a further inspection of the grapes just before the destemmer. In this particular method (Salasso system) of making rosé wine, a partial withdrawal of juice is carried out. Followed by the fermentation and six months of maturation in stainless steel tank.

Harvest time: end of September to end of October 2018

Tasting note: Strong rosé red. Scent of raspberries and cherries.

Fresh summer wine. Wonderful with light meals, veal or chicken, as well as aperitif.


Serving temperature: 8-10 °C

Bottles produced: ca. 2700

Alcohol 14 %




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